Wednesday, May 26, 2010


A couple days ago, we had to say goodbye to nearly all of the American Missionaires still left in Mongolia. It was a sad day. Seniors tend to get pretty close to some of the 'hometown' missionaries.

About half of them will be returning home, their missions having come to a close. The other half have been assigned to other missions for the remainder of their mission service. They had mixed feelings, wishing they could remain in Mongolia, but happy to be a serve somewhere. The half reassigned were those we had come to know while in the Provo MTC. Before all of the troubles hit, we had thought we might be traveling home with them in August.

The video is of those missionaries singing "Called To Serve" in Mongolia while also signing the song using Mongolian sign language. Most learn to sign while here, as well, due to the large numbers of deaf people there are.

Not many foreign missionaries left here, now. We did hear, however, that there will be 4 new Americans coming in July or August. That would be the first new foreign missionaries in a very long time.


REBYRYAN said...

I bet that was hard to have so many leave at once! Was the video shot right before they left?

The Fendleys said...

That is so sad. That is a LOT of missionaries to say goodbye to all at once. That is to bad that things couldn't get worked out for them as well.

Marcia said...

talk about tears. How hard. Yet the Lord has a plan and no one can foil it. As Elder Holland said, "We don't know when the game will be over, nor do we know what the score will be, but we do know we are on the winning team.

Bressler Bunch said...

Hey - they all learned to speak Mongolian. You have been there almost two years. When do we get to see a video of you singing in Mongolian?

I sure hope that those being reassigned don't go where they have to learn another language. I can't imagine many countries where Mongolian would be a useful language to know.