Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wet Paint!!

We just recently learned that the sign in this first picture, means 'Wet Paint'. We do learn a little bit of Mongolian when the occasion demands it. Why do you care, you ask?  Read on.

We have been out of town for a few days and, in fact, still are at this posting, traveling with Elder and Sister Powell. We are traveling to three separate cities in the northern part of Mongolia, doing some training, testing and instructing. Things have gone pretty well and we have accomplished much. With the exception of one 'little' glitch, that is.

As we visited one of those three towns (Erdenet), we 'divided and conquered' for a bit. Sister Caldwell and I got things going at the Church building while the Powells checked on English instruction and sponsors. However, when they returned, Elder Powell said something like, "Boy, I wish I understood Mongolian!", turned his back side to us and lifted his coat. What we saw, you can also plainly see in picture number two!! He had sat down right in front of the sign, having no clue what it said! Someone did came along and rattled off a bunch of Mongolian to him, to which he pleasantly responded, 'Hi, how are ya'!"

A bit later, we had a couple of minutes of extra time and returned to 'the scene of the crime.' We found many people (all of whom could very readily read that sign) sitting on those same benches. We managed to talk Elder Powell (he was very hesitant at first) into lifting his coat so that they could see what the dumb Americans had done! We thought they might get a good laugh at our expense. Well, ok. At Elder Powells expense, at least.

But their reaction was a bit unexpected. When they saw Elder Powells trousers, they immediately looked very shocked, quickly jumped up off the bench and began checking their own clothing! They were certain they had 'sat in it' themselves!

Surprised, we hurriedly made some hopefully appropriate apologies and explanations (which none of them, of course, likely understood anyway) and quickly walked away. Once out of sight, we couldn't stop laughing!!

That was just one experience from this trip which turned out pretty good! We'll share more of our little excursion in the next few posts. Like maybe our visit to Russia.

In fact, we have much to share and are a bit behind. We'll try to catch up this week, if we can.


REBYRYAN said...

Funny! I thought that was going to be dad's pants!

Marcia said...

Wouldn't you know it? It would my sister in the middle of the laughter? I'm just glad he didn't get paint in his mouth!

The Fendleys said...

That is hilarious!! I didn't know you were going to Russia, when did you do that?

Bressler Bunch said...

Oh, I hope that wasn't his only suit! Suits are certainly not cheap! Bummer, even if it was funny.