Friday, July 23, 2010

It's a Small, Small World!

The first couple to arrive in this mission after we did were Elder and Sister Stevens. That was about 16 months ago. We met them in the Church parking lot as they arrived. I took one look at him and asked, "You're from Californian, right?" He said yes. And I said something like, 'Well, there's a guy in Utah that looks a lot like you and his name is Stevens, too!' He said, 'That's Stan, my identical twin brother!' Stan Stevens was one of our neighbors for several years. He and I served in the scouts together.

Then, we learned a few days ago that we have a new couple coming in September -- Elder and Sister Ford. Just out of curiosity, I asked our mission President if he knew Elder Ford's first name. He didn't, but sent me an email a bit later with the details. His full name is Blaine Ford and they are from Layton.

I served with an Elder Blaine Ford some 45 years ago in the Western States Mission. The last I had heard, he lived somewhere just north of Salt Lake. I think Layton qualifies. I emailed this 'new' Elder Ford yesterday just to see if there was any chance he is the same one. He answered a few minutes ago indicating that he is, indeed, the same one with whom I served so many years ago.

Go figure!


REBYRYAN said...

That's cool! Too bad you won't actually get to serve together though!

Bressler Bunch said...

Who'd a thunk you would end up serving the same place as senior missionaries as well!

The Fendleys said...

That is to funny!!! So you won't be able to see him though right because you will be leaving just before that? That's to bad, that would be cool.

Marcia said...

The rest of the world does seven jumps to Kevin Bacon, but in the LDS world it's at every turn you seem to have a connection.