Sunday, July 25, 2010

Potpourri 2

Thought you might like to see some interesting things here in Mongolia.

The first picture is a bit of a twist on 'Give me fries and a hot dog, please!" Look closely. Can you see it? Yup! That's a hot dog on a stick with bits of French Fries stuck to the outside! Why didn't we think of that?!

Then there are Potato Chips. They're not what we are used to seeing in the States and we avoided them for the first many months of our mission. After all, Paprika Potato Chips! But they are virtually the only potato chip in town so we finally gave in and bought a bag. They are really good! Really!

And last, a picture of how we usually must purchase carrots here. Trust us, those ugly looking dark things are carrots! And believe it or not, they, too, are really quite good. They just don't bother to wash them before they bring them to market.

Just thought you'd like to know!


Bressler Bunch said...

I try to avoid knowing what hot dogs are made of in the states. Do I even want to think about what they are made of over there? : )

REBYRYAN said...

Nice hot dog idea!!

The Fendleys said...

Funny!!! I am trying to figure out though if those chips REALLY are good, or if you are just so out of touch with what good chips really taste like that you are starting to think that those are actually good!! :) Carrots look yucky, I am glad that they are just dirty and not rotten or something!! I am with Julie on the hot dogs, not sure that I want to know what they are made of over there!!!

Mr C said...

We didn't buy one to find out!!!

Bad Dog said...

I think paprika potato chips sound good! In Canada we had Ketchup potato chips. We also had bacon potato chips. They were both a little odd.