Thursday, July 29, 2010


Not too long ago, the Church allowed us to bring six Mongolian Elders who had been serving in other areas of the world (mostly the U.S.), back to Mongolia to finish their missions. The lack of American missionaries was leaving strapped for translators and making it very difficult for the mission office and the seniors to be able to function.

This is a picture of one of those Elders (Elder Onon), his mother and his sister. And, yes, Elder Onon is completely Mongolian! He had been serving in the Ogden, Utah area when he was brought back to finish his mission here. He is a terrific Elder and we consider him to be a good friend.

His mother and sister were two of those who were part of the Hong Kong Temple group we traveled and attended the temple with. So we have felt sort of close to the family.

There is one more thing. Elder Onon's sister has been called to serve a mission and will leave in September. Any guesses where she will be serving? No? Ogden, Utah -- the very plcce Elder Onon had been serving until recalled to Mongolia!


The Fendleys said...

That is crazy!!! So cool that you will be here to visit her when she is serving in Ogden. Once again, Small world isn't it?!

Bressler Bunch said...

He looks more American than Mongolian!

REBYRYAN said...

Now you'll have another reason to come up and visit us!

Marcia said...

What an amazing blessing for the people of the Ogden Mission. The Mongolian Missionaries bring such a light with them.