Monday, July 21, 2008

July 21 - On our way Home - Today's Question

Well, we finally got under way this morning - about 3 hours later than planned! Just couldn't seem to pull ourselves away from this place! As we tried to complete a couple of things before we left, there seemed to be additional things the Lord wanted us to do before we left. It turned out to be a surprising and special morning as we said our goodbyes.

We still find the drive absolutely gorgeous. Everything is so green! Corn everywhere. No mountains, though. Just rolling hills and beautiful scenery.

Ate lunch in Oskaloosa, Iowa. The pictures are of the park we stopped at. Such spactacular play areas seem to be the rule in the local parks of Iowa. That is all stained hardwood and is really something.

We are really tired - be doing fine. See ya' all soon!

Question: The saints stopped near here (Omaha) for the winter. Supplies and housing were left behind by each group who stopped here, in order to help those still to come. What was that place called?


David R Osborn said...

My Great Great Grandmother died abone the trail just outside of Omaha. Left grandpa with 9 kids. In his journal he said he couldn't understand why she was so tired and worn out haveing just given birth to their 9th in 12 years a couple of weeks before her death!! Go figure!

meglex said...

Cutler's Park

meglex said...

Or is it Florence Nebraska? Cutler's Park might just be where the deceased were buried, not sure.

Cowley kids said...

Winter Quarters.

Cowley kids said...

So, why are you coming into the Salt Lake Vally on the 23rd of July? Wouldn't it be more appropriate after your exodus from Nauvoo to arrive on the 24th just as the pioneers did?

Mr C said...

There are several names by which that area is known. Florence is not the exact spot but does, I believe include that ares.

The most correct answer is Winter