Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22 - Today's Question

We visited the famous Henry Doorly Zoo this morning. What an amazing Zoo! A person could take a couple of days there without any problem! Over 60 acres in size! Before we knew it, it sa time we had to leave. S0, we headed west.

We stopped near Kearney, Nebraska at a VERY unusual museum. It was built as an arch right over the freeway! It is a monument to the first highway across the country (from Boston to San Francisco) and is exactly halfway - 1733 miles either direction.

We have passed by that museum but never felt we had time to stop. This time we were determined! It looks big, but is even bigger on the inside. The arch across the freeway is two tall stories high. You walk across the lower level and then return on the upper one. It's really cool!

Today's Question: What was the name of the river the pioneers tried to follow as they crossed Nebraska? The above monument also honors that trail and is built next to the river.


Wendy C said...

I am not good with geography at all but I do know that the Missouri River goes all the way to Montana!! Your blog has been way fun to follow! Thank you! I, too, was wondering about your arrival into the SL Valley!! It will be great to see you again!!

Cowley kids said...

Platte River

meglex said...

Once again-what they said!! Alexis wants to know is the Aquarium picture is the new ride at Lagoon. And Megan said "I never saw that at the Zoo before."

Anonymous said...

Hope when you get back into town you will keep in touch. It would be great to see you so stop by Granger sometime and I'm sure I can put you to work....oh yeah you are retired.

Thanks for the trip, it maybe the closest I ever come to seeing it.