Tuesday, November 4, 2008

   It is amazing to have spiritual experiences virtually everyday! But such is the nature of the MTC! Tonight, we had another fireside. Sister Julie Beck (the General Relief Society President) spoke. She told us a couple of stories about missionary work and then asked missionaries to step to a couple of prearranged microphones to share any feelings they had experienced or inspiration they had felt while she had been speaking. I thought,"She's brave!" and wondered if anyone would volunteer. I now find myself very humbled.
   Those young Elders and Sisters are amazing. Many of them stepped to the microphone and shared feelings and thoughts that evidenced a faith and maturity that we never had when we were that age! The work of the Lord is in good hands!
   And to be there and sing the hymns of the Gospel again was wonderful!

   Today, we also met with the senior couple (Elder and Sister Soderborg) whom we are replacing in Mongolia. (see picture above of us with them) They returned home Friday. They were able to share many insights and much counsel with us. Things like where the bucket is when we need to heat water the old fashioned way (i.e. when the central hot water system is not working), the eighteen inch oven, that we have a washing machine but there are no clothes dryers in Mongolia, etc. We can't wait to get there!
   But they are a wonderful couple and we know we have some rather large shoes to fill when we finally get there!

   We are becoming rather attached to the Elders bound for Mongolia. They have been delayed a bit in their departure. They were supposed to leave today but their visa's did not arrive. I kept checking at the travel office and Salt Lake received those visa's this afternoon. They will arrive here tomorrow. I ran right over to the Elders to give them the good news! They were VERY happy!
   We believe our visa's will be with theirs and should know for certain tomorrow.

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