Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thought you might enjoy a couple of pictures of our 'digs' here at the MTC. As you can see, the rooms are not Marriott quality, but they are not bad, either. But then, we are not in them much anyway!
Sister Caldwell is most grateful that we have our own restroom facility in room!

We had testimony meeting today. The branch we were in had all non-English speaking missionaries who are going on English speaking missions -- including about 10 or so Mongolian nationals assigned to various English speaking missions. But they had to bear their testimonies in English. And they did really good! They didn't hesitate at all, but just got right up there and did their best! They were wonderful!

The Branch President had all us new ones introduce ourselves and when we said we were going to Mongolia, all the Mongolian nationals let out a cheer!

We love these young missionaries!


The Cowley Clan said...

It looks a lot like the room I was in except we had bunk beds. I guess they don't expect you old people to climb to the top of a bunk bed!!

grandmacinny said...

I wonder what it will be like in the field. I can't wait to see.

Thomas Earl said...

Hey I love seeing you. I am like Melba, I need my own toliet. Henk was surprised to hear about your mission call. Didn't you call him?
How is the food? Love Ya, Thom