Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 1

What a great day we had! Beautiful scenery, 64 degrees, light traffic -- you know; just like Salt Lake City!
First, we had breakfast at a rest stop about 30 mile from the Utah/Wyoming border.

Once we got into Wyoming, there was plenty of cloud cover and even a shower or two. And the temperature in mid-afternoon really was 64 -- for a while! But the hottest we ever saw was 84. Eat your heart out!

You can see from the picture that we saw lots of windmills. There are whole 'farms' with hundreds of electricity generating windmills!

The only semblance to a problem was construction up Parleys. That kind of killed our gas mileage. But we still managed to bet about 29.5 overall, even fighting a stiff head wind the last couple of hours. That's pretty good for that big hunk of a car!

Enroute, we listened to music from the pageant (which I downloaded from the web), read about Joseph Smith, and listened to a talk about CS Lewis given by Michael Wilcox. It was really fun and interesting.

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