Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Part of our reading, has included the life of Joseph Smith. We thought it would be fun to post some of that info here as well as a "Question of the Day" for our grandchildren (the rest of you can play along on your own!). Those who find all of the answers will get a prize when we return. Asking moms and dads for help is just fine. You can also use the internet. We will not likely really be able to post a question every day.

Today's question: "How old was Joseph when he had his leg operated on the remove infected bone?"

During the operation, 8 pieces of bone were removed. During the days that followed, 14 more pieces worked there way to the surface and were removed. Joseph was quite ill for some time and lost a lot of weight. He became so light, that his mother was able to heft and carry him quite easily. That same boy grew up to be the western slope wrestling champion!


AlexisMegan said...

Alexis guessed that he was 5 years old and Megan quessed that he was 2 years old. We found the answer and found out that he was 8 years old, the same age as Alexis.

Ryan said...

Thanks Amy! The blog said we could use the internet to find the answers so we did. He was 8 years old..... Cowley kids.

LindsieJarodDJ said...

Lindsie and DJ both said 10, then 9, then 8 and finally got it right.