Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pageant Day 2

What a marvelous experience . . . already! There is such a Spirit here! Our first visit here was three years ago, but it was different. Then, we were here for ourselves. We came to see what we had read so much about. And it was wonderful!

But this time, we are here to share the Gospel; to uplift and strengthen others. And it is far more wonderful!

One of the cast leaders said, "The pageant could be run a bit better and more efficiently. But we are not about running a pageant. We are about sharing the Gospel and bringing our brothers and sisters to Christ."

And that is what we have heard more than anything else!

And what a treat it is to work with the young precious ones who are fast becoming the most effective missionaries in the Church!

The pictures show the very first rehearsal at the (unfinished) stage and our area just to the side of the stage where we care for the little ones. Things are not in full swing just yet.
The temperatures have been in the upper 70's. But we know that is not likely to last!

Oh, how we wish you could be here!
The Caldwell's


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grandmacinny said...

Hey you guys,

Isn't blogging great! I glad you are doing it. It's fun to see what you are doing. I hope you looking at mine.

Our temp. is in the hundreds now. I'm staying inside as much as I can and quilting. I am also getting things ready to go to Peru and Ecuador.

Jareds family is visiting in Texas, and everybody else is doing fine.

Love ya, Cindy