Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day Two

Another great day! We had a good time in our travels and learned a few more things. Also stopped to see the Wildlife Safari outside Omaha but we have had problems with the internet at this hotel and can not upload them. [Got it fixed!]

As we traveled, we listened to Joseph's history as told by his mother, read stories from past pageant experiences and worked on Hannah's (our soon to be newest grandchild) baby blessing afghan.

We saw acres and acres of corn and a fun looking museum which is built as an arch -- over the freeway! Pictures to follow!

Mike and Melba

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LindsieJarodDJ said...

We love you and we miss you

I really miss you.

I love you. Happy Fourth of July. It is 100 degrees today, but a little cloudy so not too bad. We went to the parade with Megan and Lexie this morning. It was fun.